Amar Career

Amar Career is the first career solution from IBT in Bangladesh, which is also the very first and so far the only career solution that meets the global standard and user expectations. The website goes beyond the usual idea of a job site and provides a complete career solution for the fresh graduated and the professionals. The employers are assured to recruit suitable and expert workforce to their companies.

ibt Buy

IbtBuy is a group buying solution engine with all the world class features needed to build the perfect group buying solution website. Using ibtBuy, IBT has developed several popular USA based group buying solutions such as SocialBuy (which is currently a part of KGB Deals), Your iDeals, and Ten Haute etc. All these group buying websites are very popular and serving the consumers with the very best customer satisfaction!

ibt HRM

ibtHRM is a Human Resource Management solution developed by Infrablue Technology. ibtHRM makes your life easy by letting you keep track of each and every employee in your organization and also manage the whole payroll system seamlessly. Online availability and 99% guaranteed uptime ensures your employees satisfaction in your governance and maintenance.

ibt SCM

ibtSCM is a Supply Chain Management solution designed and developed by Infrablue Technology. When your business is about maintaining a chain of selling points along with warehouse and inventory, ibtSCM is your ultimate solution. Our robust system keeps your business running as smoothly as you wish it to be!

ibt POS

ibtPOS is a point of sale solution designed and developed by Infrablue Technology. This makes your life easy by keeping track of each and every sales of your store or selling point. ibtPOS also generates decent reports on your daily, weekly and monthly sales. To run a store, you just need a PC with ibtPOS installed!

ibt Portals

Are you running a business? If yes, of course you need to present it nicely in front of your clients and prospective customers. In today's world, the smartest way to do this is through your own business web portal. ibtPortals gives you everything that you need to start and maintain your portal! The satisfied customers of ibtPortals are served with highly user-friendly CMS and nice looking representations of the front end. And all the web portals are powered by ibtPortals & a professional portal engine.

ibt Mobile

Over the period of time, to meet the modern cutting-edge software development industry need, IBT has developed a very efficient workforce to develop mobile games and applications covering the modern smartphone platforms i.e. iOS, Android and Windows Phone. To develop applications for these platforms, IBT has come up with a world class mobile app engine called ibtMobile.

ibt Games

IBT has a wide array of very popular and highly engaging Facebook games which are the result of years of research and development of the IBT Research & Development team. IBT Games is known for its rich but neat and clean graphics, engaging gameplay powered by ibtGames - the world class game engine developed by IBT.

ibt RM

ibtRM is a world class restaurant management system that are well tested and being used in top level restaurants in Bangladesh. Our restaurant management system is powered by ibtPOS, ibtSCM and it can be easily integrated with ibtHRM.